You get to decide

There will come a day when our children and grandchildren look back on this time and ask why?

We are writing our own history. I have often looked at history and wondered why things happened and how people could let them. Why did no one stop what was happening? How could they be so blind?
One day we will answer for what we do today. We get to decide right now at this moment what world we want our children to have. We get to decide what freedoms they will have. We get to decide what the cost will be of today’s decisions.
It doesn’t matter how you feel about the pandemic it matters what you do. Do you continue to be told how and when you can work? Do you continue to be told how and when and if you can worship? Where you can go? What you must wear? What vaccines you must have?
Right now. This moment is our defining moment. We either show that we stand on our constitution whatever the cost or we do not. What freedoms are OK to lose?
What world is it you want your children to have?
Remember the elected officials who were silent. Remember the ones who said nothing. The ones that stood by and watched instead of leading with boldness. Take note. Remember and vote accordingly.
When your rights are being trampled on, remember you today are standing on the shoulders of men and women that sacrificed everything for this nation. You are standing on the constitution. Do not let their sacrifice to build America go in vain.
Do not let “safety” be the reason freedom dies.  “Give me liberty or give me death” those words were spoken with conviction and in truth.
Wake up. Don’t let history tell the story of how America was once a great nation full of freedom. Let it be said that we fought for what was right. We fought for our children. We fought to gather and worship. We fought to work and survive. Don’t let our children ask how we could just stand by. Stand up. Be bold. “all that it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing” Do something. And vote!
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