Living in a Saturday

I love Easter. Whenever one of this kids ask me why I always tell them without the Resurrection nothing else matters.

However we can’t get to Sunday without Friday and Saturday. Friday the day Jesus took our place and took our sin. The sadness the darkness. Imagine being there. Imagine the earth rumbling. Imagine watching Jesus die. The heavy darkness. The mourning of those who loved him.

Friday. The day Jesus died. Then we often skip over Saturday. We just focus on the Resurrection but Saturday plays a very significant part in the story.

They laid Jesus in a tomb. All felt lost and hopeless. The world seemed cold and dark. All Saturday was spent in this time as the world waited.

We are living in that Saturday right now. We are waiting for God. We are waiting in a dark and scary time.

Here is the good news. SUNDAY is coming. I don’t know when. I do know God will not leave us. He is here. He is working.

Hang on my friends. We may be living in a Saturday but Sunday always comes.

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