I miss it all.

I miss coffee dates. I miss friends. I miss date nights. I miss Target runs, gathering with friends, play dates at the park. I miss sitting in Church on Sunday morning with other believers worshipping together. I even miss carpool line, waiting on that sweet face to come tell me about her day. I miss sitting outside waiting on the bus every afternoon. I miss it all.

Hopefully because I am missing it all now I won’t miss the important things later. My immune system is not great. I get everything that comes around. So I am taking social distancing pretty seriously. I don’t want to miss the big things later. I don’t want my husband to miss the big things. I don’t want my family, friends or community to miss them.

There are much bigger things at stake than coffee dates. There is being here for my children as they grow up, discover who they are, find their way. I don’t want to miss that.

So for now, we stay home. We play board games, watch movies, bake cookies, play in the back yard, sleep in, and only leave when we have too. As hard as this can be to just stay home it is harder for my kids to watch one of their parents go through this virus.

We have to look for God in this. He is here. He is here in the people working 18 hour days taking care of the sick. In the neighbors going to the store for each other. In the Pastors that post videos everyday sharing who God is. He is in the teachers working harder than ever making sure our children still get an education. In the lunch staff still providing meals for families. He is in our government officials trying to balance freedom and safety. He is here in the family dinners. He is here. He is working. He will use all of this for his glory. Just wait. Until then friends, stay well. Kelly

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