Hope against hope

Some years ago Johnny Hunt gave an illustration about giving, he said if we hold tightly to our money two things happen. The first is that we can’t give but the second is that our hands are closed to receive. That left a big impression. If they are open not only can blessings flow in but they can flow out. It is something that God reminds me of over and over. This, however, could be said about anything that we hold on tightly too.

Over the past year we have really been faced with a season where all those things we hold tightly too, so afraid to trust God with have been pried out of our fingers. It is so easy to say “it is all Gods” but oh, how different to live that!

I have felt like every area of our life and family has come under attack. The pain has been unbearable. I have begged God to stop. I have screamed and cried. I have often said “what else could possibly be left” and felt like Job. It has been a season that God has knocked down every idol. Anything that we have held on tightly too. It has hurt and it continues to hurt.

Yesterday as I was driving home after filing a report over having something stolen I just felt like it was the icing on the cake. This item was taken out of our garage and from what we gather very recently. The more I thought about it and everything relating to the situation the angrier I became. I felt justified in my anger.

By the time I pulled into my neighborhood as God so often does I knew it was not my anger. I was reminded of the words said just yesterday in the sermon that God would make it right. Even if we don’t see it. God would make it right. (Proverbs 20:22)

It is time to start asking what I can learn in all this. I know God is at work. I know I can trust him as time and time again this year he has shown that he has a much better plan than I could. I am not saying that we will walk through this and in the end it will all be wonderful and fantastic and we will come out on top but I do know he promises to make it right. So today I am going to trust that and as it says in Romans 4 “in hope believe against hope.”


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